Matisse & Colour
Life Drawing & Painting Wkshop

London Drawing @ Artizan Street Library

23rd July 2022

10 am - 4.30 pm

Inspired by Matisse's bold approach to colour and pattern, explore his unique depictions of the female form set against colourful hanging fabrics. Using quick charcoal studies to simplify the female form and brightly coloured pastels and acrylics to immerse yourselves in the decorative world of Matisse. We look at examples of Matisse's most famous works particularly his use of flattened space with pure colour and his treatment of the human figure.

Expect an abundance of colour, bold patterns, odalisque figures and lots of fun!

Suitable for all abilities

£95 (incl. materials)


Get Skills in: Colour Pastel Techniques

City Lit - Covent Garden

29th June - 20th July 2022 (4 weeks)

2 - 5 pm

Explore the versatility and rich colours of this beautiful drawing and painting medium. Through practical exercises, discover its potential to create a variety of surface effects and its suitability for sketching and outdoor colour work.

This course will introduce you to drawing with oil and soft pastels. You will explore a variety of different techniques giving you an insight into the possibilities for making pastel drawings and sketches. Working from observation to produce a nuanced pastel composition.

Suitable for all abilities

£149 (incl. materials)


Portrait Drawing & Painting
Summer School

London Drawing @ Artizan Street Library

17 - 19th August 2022

10am - 3.30pm

Lose your drawing and painting inhibitions in this exciting and practical portrait course for all levels of ability. Starting with an introduction to the ideas behind her approach and artistic influences, this 3 day workshop will guide you through her process from composition ideas and building drawing to a finished painting.

You will be shown new ways to approach a portrait and work through a range of processes to help build your confidence. You will move step by step towards mark making using paint and exploring gestural paint handling to build the structure of the head with guidance and tuition on tonal painting and simple colour theory to bring vibrancy and strength to your painting.

Suitable for all levels

£195 (incl. materials)


Introduction to Still-life in Pastels

City Lit - Covent Garden

25th - 27th July 2022

10 am - 5 pm

Explore a variety of techniques and approaches to making a still-life in pastels. Learn how to mix pastels on paper, choose suitable materials and supports to allow you to create a finished pastel drawing.

Starting with an introduction to materials and techniques such as blending and overlaying you will then go on to make a series of studies exploring tone, colour and composition. You will draw inspiration from contemporary and historical artist’s approaches to still-life , helping you develop your own ideas and a more personal response to the subject. Having experimented with ideas and techniques you will be ready to make your final drawing.

Suitable for all abilities

£229 (incl. materials)